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Superfast Broadband

The Internet is a vital resource for local businesses and residents. Digital Scotland identify that high quality broadband access gives a huge boost to rural economies and digital media is redefining how we consume entertainment. Thanks to the Stirling Leader Programme, the village hall provides a wi-fi hotspot for locals and visitors.  Our mobile phone access from Vodaphone is also provided over broadband internet.

While Aberfoyle is expecting superfast connectivity there are currently no plans for Kinlochard and with more and more of us using it, broadband speeds in the village are set to remain slow and erratic.

A small group are exploring how we can raise the priority of Kinlochard in the quest for superfast access.  We are currently in the preliminary stages and we need the help of residents and businesses.  Can you please complete the attached questionnaire and return it to or put it in Colin Stewart’s mailbox.

For more information about Scotland’s plans for superfast broadband, visit: