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    “I lived in Kinlochard till I was 17 years old. We lived in Ardross Cottage, right next to the Altskeith Hotel.   I left in 1984 after my 6th year at McLaren High School.  As I was an American citizen because of my father, I joined the US Navy.

Leaving Scotland for the US Navy, 1984

I remember always hanging with my 2 best friends, James Lyon and Alex Stevenson. I remember my second family, Joan and Donald and their two girls Jacqui and Shona (like my sisters) who many years ago owned the Altskieth Hotel. I practically grew up in that hotel.

    I miss going fishing on the Loch. I miss the days I used to work at Ledard Farm and take the tourists out Pony Trekking. And who could forget that bloody deer that thought it was a horse, Bambi if I recall, used to follow us on treks all the time. I heard some Jackass shot and killed that deer. Needs his ass kicked.  That deer was part of Kinlochard.

Kinlochard Primary School - 1974

    I miss the Guy Fox bonfires we used to have in the field across from the Primary School. I miss going to the little town hall on the weekends when we used to have a dance night. Granted it was just a turntable and people brought their own tapes or records and we all danced and had a great time.  I miss hanging out at the Bus stop with my friends by the little town shop, that I remember used to be nothing more than a shack. Loved it when it opened. Used to sit in there and play the arcade games. Pole Position and Space Invaders hahahahahaha I still remember that.

    Last summer (2008) I brought my wife and son back and we visited Kinlochard. I recognized my old teacher’s house, so I knocked on the door and to my joy, she answered. It made my trip home even more worth the while. It was almost like a full circle moment.  Anyway, I could go on all day. My best memories are from Kinlochard. I can see myself in about 15 years or so retiring and making my way back home. Yeah, I still call it home. It always will be.”

Memories of Kinlochard

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