At a meeting this week with DSSB (Digital  Scotland Superfast Broadband (Scottish Government Body)) and Openreach (Fibre and Infrastructure provider) we were informed that Kinlochard Exchange would be getting fibre taken to a new cabinet somewhere in the vicinity of the current exchange by the end of 2018

For many this will mean much better Broadband speeds will be on offer, and you can approach your provider to obtain the better service (cost not known but should not be too much more than current costs)

Obviously, this will improve things for about 50+ properties closest to the exchange

We continue to be in dialogue with both DSSB, Openreach and Stirling Council (they have some local funds available to help communities not being fully served, to get independent advice) to try to improve the situation for more properties

Meantime at least it is a move forwards

It must be remembered, however, that even tho’ all the above is planned, it comes with usual caveats re: Unforeseen technical difficulties etc etc !

It was also made clear to us that it would help our situation greatly if everybody signed up to the DSSB website

Please enter your phone number – NOT the post code and then you will get as below and you will then get stuck!

You have to Click “read More”  before getting into the next step!